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dafabet用户注册平台 公共交通

For more information on schedules and how to ride, check out Track buses and light rail services in real time by using 谷地铁的应用, which can be downloaded on the 应用程序商店 or 谷歌玩.


  • Need to get from the airport to your downtown hotel? It will cost you $2 if you take dafabet用户注册平台’s Valley Metro light-rail system. The cost of an all-day pass is $4.

  • But getting from the airport to downtown affordably is just one of light rail’s perks. The 28-mile line links dafabet用户注册平台 to the neighboring communities of 坦佩 and 台面, and includes stops at attractions such as 凤凰艺术博物馆, 听到博物馆, 追逐领域, 足迹中心 和坦佩的米尔大道.

  • 轻轨的安静, air-conditioned trains operate 18-22 hours per day, 一周七天, and stop every 12-20 minutes. The system operates at street level and is powered by electricity from overhead wires.

  • There are 38 stations along the line, and they are adorned with $8 million worth of public art. The artwork at each station reflects the character of the community where it is located. Station platforms can accommodate the boarding of 600 passengers onto a three-car train within 30 seconds. 

  • Convenient transportation to the airport comes by way of PHX空中列车. This driverless people mover transports Valley Metro 轻轨 passengers to the airport from the 44th Street/Washington Street station.

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  • For citywide and regional route information and schedules, call (602) 253-5000 or visit
  • 你也可以使用 NextRide 巴士到达时间. Phone (602) 253-5000, say "next ride" and then say or enter the bus stop number. Or text 22966 and enter NXRD and the bus stop number. You'll receive a text message with the arrival time of the next bus.


  • Provides service for persons with disabilities.

  • 每周7天. 每小时5小时.m.-10 p.m.,每天.

  • To reserve your ride, call (602) 253-4000. 更多信息,请访问



You can now scoot your way through downtown dafabet用户注册平台. There are a few differences with downtown dafabet用户注册平台's program compared to other cities and their scooter programs:

  • Scooters must be parked in one of the designated parking zones, which are sectioned off with white poles. 

  • Riding on sidewalks is prohibited.

  • There are several no-ride zones, including public parks and arenas. 

Here's a guide to where you can ride. 

These scooters are also available in 坦佩 and 斯科茨代尔. 


Downtown's walkable arts district is home to art galleries, restaurants, 酒吧 and boutique shops…



Visiting dafabet用户注册平台 with no car but still want to explore the surrounding 索诺兰沙漠? Let someone else do the driving. 或飞行. 或漂流.

乘吉普车大发dafabet888客户端沙漠, ATV, 马背上的, 热气球, 漂流, and more with an experienced guide from a local tour company.



Convention delegates attending an event at the dafabet用户注册平台 会议中心 will find themselves just steps away from dozens of restaurants, 酒吧, cultural attractions and hotels.

Local companies offer educational walking and biking tours of downtown's historic and cultural highlights; check with the dafabet用户注册平台的市中心 Ambassadors about a custom tour

Not up for walking or biking? Ride-hailing services such as Lyft, Uber and zTrip operate throughout 更大的凤凰.